Why would anyone have a wine gift-list?

There are many reasons why someone might create a wine gift-list. Typically, gift-lists relate to a specific event or occasion: Perhaps you’re planning a celebration for a significant birthday? Maybe you’re getting married and want to do something different?

That’s probably a good place to start: gift-lists are already a well understood concept for weddings.

It’s possibly the biggest celebration most of us will enjoy in our lives and historically a couple could expect to receive certain gifts: a silver service dinner set, for example, or perhaps a blender for the new marital home.

Things have changed: more often than not, couples have lived together before getting married, or have already started to gather the homeware belongings that would have formed part of a traditional gift list.

So, people have started to look for alternatives. Some charitable couples will donate money to a specific cause and ask their guests to do the same. Some couples have dreams of a luxurious honeymoon which they need help funding. And some couples renounce the giving of gifts altogether: your presents (sic) is enough!

There are, of course, plenty of variations on the gift-list theme and we believe a wine gift-list offers an exciting alternative that captures all the great aspects of giving and receiving gifts: A wine gift-list with the Hollington Wine Company gives you something to:

  1. Enjoy immediately, connecting you with your guests by identifying them with the specific bottles they have given
  2. Treasure for years to come, both in terms of the wine if you keep it, and through the personalised mementos you receive with the wine (the gift tags and the wine journal)
  3. Share with those who matter to you, including those who gave you the gift

A wine gift-list can also be viewed another way: what a way to start your wine cellar! Couples who are bringing two houses together may have two blenders (or Nespresso machines), but it’s unlikely that an extensive cellar is being loaded into the removal vans!

Weddings aren’t the only time that a wine-gift list is relevant, though. There comes a point in every grumpy Dad’s life, when another bottle of rosé champagne is one too many. This maybe when we turn 40 (spot my impending mid-life crisis!), or at another point in our lives and a solution to this is to actually tell people what you want – unconventional, I know, but this could be pretty exciting…especially if the gift list was closed before the event and the wine delivered in time for the celebration!

The beauty of the gift-list is that it can be used in whatever way that works for you – I’m still trying to persuade my family to use it for Christmas – so let your imagination run riot: if you want wine something a bit different from your gift-list and enjoy drinking and sharing wine, the Hollington Wine Company is the service for you.

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