For many weddings, guests are provided with guidance about gifts as part of the wedding invitation. Increasingly, engaged couples are seeking alternatives to a traditional gift list – a dinner service or a second/ third coffee machine just isn’t needed these days.

Wine, however, stands the test of time as a gift. It can be highly personal. It is both something physical and an experience. It can be enjoyed both individually or as part of a larger group. What better way to start married life together than by stocking your wine rack (or cellar).

As part of our wine wedding gift list service, we label each bottle to identify who has given each particular bottle of wine and include any personal message. Never again, wonder who gave you that delightful bottle of Champagne! Find out how to get started with our wedding wine gift list service below.

“Weddings are amazing celebrations and for the happy couple they tend to whizz by in a flash. Having a wedding gift list of wine extends the celebration beyond the big day, allowing you to enjoy the experience many months (or even years!) after the event. Reminiscing with each other, or your friends, sharing their generosity with a highly personalised gift.”

Su and Luke

About the Hollington Wine Company – a message from the owners

Created from our own experience, The Hollington Wine Company is designed to offer the perfect alternative to traditional wedding gift lists. We’re committed to providing you with a wedding gift that you’ll love and cherish long after your wedding.

Combining the benefits of a physical gift with an unparalleled experience, our wine wedding gift lists are the perfect way to celebrate your union. While many couples have everything they need before their big day, loved ones are still eager to give them a gift to mark the occasion. A wine wedding list is a perfect option for guests who want to give a thoughtful and enjoyable gift, as well as the ideal gift to receive.

To ensure your wine wedding gift list is everything you could hope for, we take care to select only the best options for our catalogue. With a wide selection to encompass all tastes, styles and budgets, we make it easy for you to find the right wedding gift wine.

Why choose a wedding wine list?

As an alternative wedding gift list, a wine list ensures you’ll receive gifts you’ll enjoy. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or you simply enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day, you’ll be sure to savour every sip of nectar from your carefully chosen gift selection and drink to those who were kind enough to purchase the wine for you.

What’s more – wedding gift lists are a great way to cater for all budgets. When you choose a wine wedding list, you can ensure that your friends and family can choose a much-loved gift which won’t be too expensive. From rare, vintage bouquets to sublime tipples, you’ll find everything you could ask for right here in The Hollington Wine Company catalogue.

Wines and spirits available

With an extensive selection of wines and spirits available, you’re sure to find your favourites amongst them. From sumptuous Sauvignon and succulent Shiraz to magnificent Merlot and precious Pinot Noir, our range of wines spans the globe.

If you prefer spirits, you’ll find a wide range available in endless choice inside the pages of The Hollington Wine Company catalogue. Celebrate your wedding with a bottle of Macallan single malt or Vintage Bas Armagnac, Casterède. Whether you prefer a shot of tantalising tequila or a glug of gin, we have the perfect range of spirits to add to your wedding list.

If you’re unsure as to which wines to add to your wedding list or if you want to treat your taste buds to something new, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help you find the right selection.

Get started

With The Hollington Wine Company, creating your wine wedding gift list couldn’t be easier. Simply register on the website and you’ll be able to start creating your bespoke wedding wine list straight away.

You can browse by category country and region or search to find your favourite bottles straight away. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do. With access to the finest wines in the world, we’re happy to find additional selections for you.

It’s easy to specify when you want your wedding wine gift list to open and how long you’d like it to remain open for, and you can even edit your list once it’s live. With your personal web link generated, you’ll be free to share it with your nearest and dearest so that they can begin choosing the perfect gift.