Is there any better gift than wine?

Whilst the origin story of wine can vary by who is telling it; one thing is clear – it has been around for thousands of years and has developed into an art and a science.  Humanity’s interest and love of wine come from its taste, nutritious properties and intoxicating effects.

Like all trade goods, wine has helped our society evolve and centuries ago, if a region/ society maintained a wine industry, it was thought prosperous and developed.

And so it is no surprise that the wine has been presented as a gift across the ages.  To this day, it is the go-to gift option for many of us, so I ask is there any better gift than wine?

Well, OK, if the recipient doesn’t drink, that does mean the utility and value falls through the floor (unless they’re a serial re-gifter?!).

And, whilst for those of us who do drink, it’s very natural to assume that most people like wine; the ONS has data from 2017 that 20.4% of the GB population do not drink alcohol at all1 – so wine isn’t the perfect gift.

With that caveat, though, wine is an awesome, alternative gift.  Here’s why:

  1. Wine comes in all shapes and sizes: given the length of its history, it is no surprise that we have a huge range of different types of wine. What this means, is there is an endless variety of wine, catering for all tastes and budgets.  Whether it’s the grape variety, the specific blend, the winery or the age, each wine will have specific characteristics that can set it apart from the competition (Wine as a gift: the different price options reinforce wine’s versatility as the perfect gift)
  2. Wine can be long-lasting: maturity is a key consideration in the development of any given wine and because the year of harvest is so influential in the quality of the wine, the vintage has become a prominent part of how we talk about wine. For some wines, a specific vintage can be highly sought after and, in the same way, specific years have great significance for different people (Wine as a gift: the vintage of wine allows it to be both symbolic and precious as a gift)
  3. Wine is timeless: whilst some types of wine come in and out of vogue, wine as a whole never goes out of fashion (Wine as a gift: people of all ages can appreciate wine*, making it an appropriate gift for all)
  4. Wine is a gift for all situations: due to the range of options (see above), wine has been used to mark all different situations. Whether it’s a celebration or not, wine often accompanies the milestones in our lives.  From marking the end of the working week to house-warmings, promotions, christenings, & weddings, wine often signifies a noteworthy event.  It can also be easily tailored to the significance of an event (Wine as a gift: the symbolism of wine as a gift is clear: something special for those more momentous occasions vs. an inexpensive bottle of rosé for a Saturday afternoon in the sun!)
  5. Wine is often shared: typically, a bottle of wine is drunk with other people, be it with your partner or in a wider social situation. The convivial setting to enjoying wine cannot be ignored when thinking about the opportunity provided as a gift (Wine as a gift: wine isn’t just a gift for the individual recipient to enjoy, by giving wine a gift you support a social experience for them)
  6. Wine is (almost) universally accepted with gratitude: I’ve received some pretty poor gifts in my life (mostly from my two brothers); however, I have never been disappointed by someone giving me a bottle of wine – I’ve even been moved to write a thank you letter/ send a text message of gratitude! (Wine as a gift: for those who enjoy it, wine will only be received with gratitude)
  7. Wine is recyclable: whilst the choice of the specific wine may have different environmental considerations, wine as a gift is recyclable – once drunk the bottle can be recycled 😉 (Wine as a gift: recognising the move to more environmentally responsible life choices, the right wine can be an environmentally considerate gift)

So, wine as an alternative gift ticks so very many boxes.  It’s versatility as a gift is a driving force behind its status in my mind as an awesome gift.

The Hollington Wine Company is the online gift list service for wine.  You can set up your own list for an upcoming celebration, or perhaps set up a list for someone else and surprise them with highly personalised, thought-full gifts they can enjoy for years to come.


* Wine is an alcoholic beverage and therefore is for those aged 18+

1 ONS: Adult drinking habits in Great Britain: 2017