Guess who? (gave you that bottle of wine)

When my daughter was born last year, she received numerous soft-toys as gifts.  Although we’re working on it, she can’t yet use excel nor keep her own record of who gave her which toy.  To help, I decided to name each toy with the first name of who gave the gift.  So, we have “Chicken Marta”, “Fox Beth”, “Anita Rabbit”, “Emily Giraffe”…the list goes on as our friends and family had been very generous.

Knowing who gave you a gift is hugely important in our household – you should know who to thank and for what.  Gift giving can be hugely charged with emotional connection and this is one of the things that makes it so special.

So what happens when we receive a bottle of wine as a gift?

Well, more often than not the bottle is just handed over, unadorned.  In the past, I’ve solved this by adding post-it notes, keeping a separate record or by adding a tiny tag to the bottle.  Quite frankly, to the majority of people, any of these solutions are a horrifying degree of organisational control freakery.

Although, the benefit is appreciated: when you remember who gave you a specific bottle, you can share it with them, you can thank them (again) or you can salute them with your first taste.

And that’s why we take care of the gift tags on the bottles for you – every bottle you receive through a Hollington Wine Company gift list is individually tagged with a hand-written label of who it is from and any message they have for you.  Now you don’t have to worry about not knowing who gave you which bottle of wine. Easy.

Guess who? (gave you that bottle of wine)