Can you help me create the list?

We are more than happy to help you create your wine list. If you are unsure what wines to include in your list, contact us and we can discuss your specific needs, tastes and interests. We can then create the draft list for you to review, edit and confirm.

What should I do if I can't find a particular wine/ style that I'm interested in?

If there is a wine or spirit that you particularly want to include in your gift list and we don’t currently list it, it is worth talking to us. We have access to a far greater number of wines than we chosen to list, so it’s very likely that we can source additional stock to provide for your specific interests.

Why do I need a login?

We ask gift list owners and those trying to buy gifts to set up an account in order to take advantage of our service. This allows us to keep in touch with you as a list owner and, if you’re making a purchase, contact you regarding your purchase if necessary.

The personal information which you are required to provide must be current and accurate and you should notify us immediately of any changes to the personal information by contacting us. For more details on how we collect your personal data and what we do with it, please consult our privacy policy.

Additionally, as alcohol is a licensed product, setting up an account helps us to operate in line with the law.

How do you personalise the wine gifts?

Each wine bottle will have a gift tag included around its neck, detailing who bought the gift and any message they asked to be included.

This allows list-owners to track who gave them what, thank them for their specific gift, and even share it with them should they choose to.

Can I edit my gift-list once I've published it?

Absolutely. Just return to the site, log in and, under "My Account" you will see the live gift lists associated with your account. You can then edit it, adding or removing specific wines or changing the quantities as necessary.

How / when will I receive my wine & what are my delivery options?

Once the list has been closed, we will work with the gift list owner to determine when and where the wine best be delivered. There is no additional delivery charge.

What will happen if the wine bought from my gift list is unavailable?

If, in the unlikely event, the wine bought for you from the gift list is unavailable, we will discuss this with you and offer you a matched alternative, or refund the purchaser of that particular gift.

Can I get a refund/exchange a wine if I don't like it?

If you have been bought the wine and taken delivery, we are not able to substitute the bottles of wine unless they are faulty. We will, of course, provide a full refund or replacement for any faulty wines that are delivered. This does not affect your statutory rights. We may require faulty bottles to be returned and will arrange this at your convenience, as necessary.

How long will the list stay open for?

Your list can stay live as long as you would like it to. When you set up the list, you will be asked for a date on which it should be closed (and therefore no further purchases against the list will be able to be made).

If there is no activity on a particular list for 6 months, we will contact you to confirm closure of the list.

Can people buy wine over the phone?

It is easier for purchases to be made online; however, if there is a particular circumstance that requires a purchase over the phone then we will happily make the necessary arrangements, please contact us of you require help making a purchase.

How do I change my gift-list URL?

It is possible to change the gift-list URL; however, if you have already shared the link this is not advised. If you need to change your gift-list URL, please contact us. An alternative is to set up a new list.

If I make a Christmas wine gift-list, can you deliver my gifts in time for the big day?

We would be delighted if you chose to use our service for your Christmas list. If you plan to do so, we will need to arrange the closure date for your list to be with sufficient time.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order. Gift lists can be set up to list any number of bottles of wine – we do encourage you to include a range of gift options at different prices.

How old do I have to be to buy a gift for a gift owner?

Both gift-list owners and gift purchasers must be aged 18 or over to use our service/ buy alcohol.

What do the personalisation labels look like? Can they be customised in anyway?

At the moment, we’re not able to offer any customisation of the wine bottle gift tags. The tags are Hollington Wine Company branded and will include the handwritten name of the person/ people giving the bottle and any message they have for you, as the recipient.

Is it possible to include wine/ spirit accessories (e.g. glassware) as part of the list?

We intend to include glassware and other wine/ spirit accessories in due course; however, we do not currently offer accessories.

How do I share my list?

Each list created has a unique page on our website. The web address or URL is editable via the "Manage Giftlists" menu under "My Account". Once you have created your list, you will find a "Get Share Link" button at the bottom of the list: this will allow you to copy the web address link and share it as necessary.