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The Wine List: Gift Cards

Josh Lachkovic started his wine newsletter and podcast because he wanted to share his experience learning about wine. He was frustrated at not knowing what wine to buy in a supermarket and decided to do something about it by taking a qualification in wine. After the course, his friends turned to him as their expert and he now shares his thoughts, tastings, experience and knowledge through his newsletter and podcast.

Following the success of the newsletter, Josh started The Wine List: a thoughtful, monthly wine subscription delivering two carefully selected bottles a month to subscribers. The bottles are accompanied by detailed tasting notes and a template to make your own notes. After all, practice makes perfect, and The Wine List allows you to explore different regions, varieties and climates in a relaxed, jargon-free style.

These gift cards are available for different time periods: Three months (6 bottles), Six months (12 bottles) or One year (24 bottles).

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