What are the best wines for a wedding?

Just like everything else to do with your wedding, you’re going to want your wine selections to perfect for your big day. Sadly, many people panic over what type of wine to offer their guests. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case, because there are actually only four things you need to think about when it comes to picking the best wine for your wedding. Read on to find out what they are.

1. Price and affordability

Number one on a lot of couples’ lists is the price and affordability of the wine they choose. After all, most people will want to provide at least a few glasses for each of their guests, something that can add up to a great deal of money, and quickly, if you aren’t careful.

One smart tip here is to opt for the higher end house wines that your venue offers. The reason being that these are likely to be the best value, and still be decent quality.

Alternatively, you may want to go the extra mile and find a venue that allows you to pay corkage on your own wine instead. This is when you supply your own wine, with the venue charging you a fee for opening, pouring it and providing the glassware.

Of course, if you are smart with the wine you buy, you can get a high-quality red or white for your wedding guests at a vastly lower price.

2. White or red (summer vs. colder wedding)

Deciding between red and white wine can be another issue that people worry about when planning a wedding. Of course, there are two leading schools of thought here. The first being the more traditional perspective that summer and spring weddings are best suited to lighter, more refreshing white wines such as Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. While weddings in the colder seasons of winter and autumn are the time to serve red wine with a full body such as Cabernet or Shiraz.

However, the second school of thought is that as it’s your wedding, serving the type of wine that you know you (& your guests) will most enjoy is the smartest course of action. After all, no one wants to spend hundreds of pounds on wine only for it to be left at the bottom of the glasses at the end of the night!

3. Sparkling wine or champagne for reception drinks

Remember too that it is traditional to supply at least one glass of bubbly for your reception so your guests can toast you. Don’t feel as if you have to offer champagne here if you’d rather not, though.

In fact, there are a whole range of acceptable options. Such as cheaper sparkling wines like Proseccos, and the sweeter and less dry Asti Supmanti that you can opt for instead.

4. Matching wines with the food menu

Finally, when it comes to choosing the best wine for your wedding, remember to check it matches with the food you are serving. For example, those offering beef dishes will probably go for a red like Bordeaux. While fish such as salmon works well with White Rioja instead.

Although, as it’s your wedding the key here is really to choose what you most want, even if that does mean bending the rules a little bit!

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What are the best wines for a wedding?