New Trend: Anniversary Receptions

There’s a new wedding trend for 2021 and it’s becoming known as the “Anniversary Reception”.  You may not have heard of this concept but due to more than a year of weddings being downsized, postponed or even cancelled there are lots of couples looking to embrace this fantastic idea. 

An Anniversary Reception is in essence a party hosted by the couple on (or near to) the anniversary of their original wedding date. It may be that the couple chose to have a quiet ceremony to be able to at least do the legal part of the wedding but didn’t get to have the wedding they had hoped for.  It often meant a change of venue, a different dress perhaps, no dancing, a smaller guest list, or even no guests at all. 

With all the stress and uncertainty the wedding planning lost its joy and excitement. This is where the Anniversary Reception comes in…

An Anniversary Reception is not a wedding, it takes the usual stresses out of the planning and you are now free to plan a party as you wish. It becomes an extension of the wedding day with the fun and laughter we have all missed for so long. 

Should you wear your original dress?

Absolutely!  Unless you want to use the excuse to get another but that’s just personal preference.  An Anniversary reception is the chance to plan the party you always wanted to have so re-wear that dress, have your hair and makeup done again and suit up those groomsmen!

Should you have a sit down meal?

You could, but to us it’s all about the party.   Buffet, cake, band and dancing would be our suggestion but you do you – you deserve it after all the wedding stress! 

Should you expect gifts at an Anniversary Reception

Invited guests typically give a gift on your wedding day, whether that is in person or via an online gift list, and they may have already given you a gift even if they were unable to attend your actual wedding day.

If they had not already given you anything they would probably wish to do so at your reception, and some may even wish to give another small gift anyway.  We would suggest making it clear you do not expect this as you are just happy to celebrate with them in person, however, you can add your online gift list details with the reception invites to give them the option. 

With a bespoke wine gift list from Hollington Wine you can create a list and leave it open from your original date to after your Anniversary reception. 

The Anniversary Reception doesn’t include a ceremony, although it could if you wished – your day your way and all that, but is all about the party part of the wedding. 

You could recreate aspects of your original wedding, or amend traditions to suit – perhaps have your father lead you onto the dance floor for your first dance if he didn’t get to walk you down the aisle.  Meet your husband at the venue to have a ‘first look’ and relive your wedding day for a moment together. 

The point is to have everyone you love there who couldn’t be with you on the original day, wear those dresses, cut a cake and dance the night away with your loved ones and enjoy planning a wedding anniversary reception to remember. 

New Trend: Anniversary Receptions