Wine: An Alternative Marriage Gift List Idea

When planning a wedding many things come into consideration: choosing a venue, writing out a guest list, choosing food for the evening, etc.

Tradition still tends to play a role when planning a wedding but in the last 50 years or so, relationships and weddings have been changing massively. Now I’m here to try and convince you to embrace the change and maybe consider an alternative gift list for your wedding. Here are a few reasons a wine gift list might be the way to go.

You’ve probably already moved in together

Unlike the days of our parent’s generation, many modern couples tend to do things a little differently. One of the biggest changes is the fact that most couples will live together before getting married. This is a big reason why more traditional gifts such as practical appliances, housewarming gifts, and other useful items will probably be a lot less necessary when the big day rolls around.

You’ve already experienced moving in together and setting up your place together, so getting another set of plates or towels just seems a little less…exciting? Having a wine list to replace the more standard gift list can help bring a bit of that excitement back. Now instead of looking forward to outfitting your new place, you can look forward to many romantic nights in where you can try all your new wines.

It’s something that will still feel special for a long time after your ceremony

Imagine for a second you’ve chosen a more traditional list for your wedding. It’s very likely that after a few months or less of using your new toaster or coffee machine that the excitement of having a new thing will start to wear off. Choosing a wine list, on the other hand, means that every time you go to open a new bottle or you can have that little bit of anticipation once again.
Not only do you get that initial excitement of receiving your gifts, reading the tags and messages from your guest, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the gifts for years to come and relive the moments many times.

It’s something you can share with your loved ones

Every special occasion calls for a bottle of wine. So why not take the opportunity to share some of your wedding wine with the people who helped make your day so special?
Unlike the traditional gifts which are more likely to only be used by you and your spouse, or maybe the occasional guest, a wine list gives the opportunity to share your gifts with those close to you. Not only can this make the experience of using your gift more enjoyable, but it can help make a special occasion even more special for those invited.

It’s an opportunity to try something new

If you’re making a wedding list, you’re probably going to have a good idea of the gifts you’re likely to receive anyway. A nice perk of choosing a wine list is that you’re not necessarily going to know how every wine you receive is going to taste. For people who like to be surprised with gifts, having a wine list is a great middle-ground in terms of both being able to give your guests some guidance and allowing yourself to be surprised with something new.

In addition to this, it’s something that you and your newlywed partner will be able to try together. Even for the most seasoned wine connoisseurs, you’re bound to receive something that might surprise you (or maybe you can put a few wines you’ve been dying to try alongside the ones you know you like).

Those are just a few of my top reasons for choosing a wine gift list for your wedding. Hopefully, I’ve managed to convince you to deviate from the more traditional routes. Whatever you choose to do, though, the important thing is that it’s a special day for you and your partner, I hope that this has inspired you to consider that it’s ok to branch out from tradition in order to do that.

If you’re looking for more information about gift lists or searching for inspiration, have a read of our wedding wine gift list page – especially if you’re a wine lover!

Wine: An Alternative Marriage Gift List Idea