How does it work?

Who are we?

How does it work?

First of all, you will need to register. We need your email address to do this so that we can help you if you run into trouble with your gift-list and can contact you to confirm the final details. We won’t share your email address with any other company and will only contact you in relation to your gift-list.

Like all gift lists (or gift registries), the process starts by creating your list. Our carefully curated catalogue is designed to give sufficient choice to suit all preferences. The wines can be searched and filtered by appearance, region, price, and taste characteristics.

You select the wines you want to include and the quantity you would like to allow on the list. We will also need a few details about you and the occasion, an introduction to your gift-list page and the closing date for your list.

Once you have created your gift list, using our site, you will be prompted to create the hyperlink and we will create your personal page. You can then share the link with your friends, family and anyone else who might be interested in giving you a gift!

With your gift list page live, people who have the link can visit the page and buy the wine you have chosen. As they check out, we will collect some information from them – so that we can help you identify who has given what – and they will have an opportunity to leave you a message with their gift.

Once the deadline for the gift list has passed, we will close the list and prepare the wine for delivery. For each bottle, we will add a gift tag that details who is giving you the gift and any message they leave for you.

We will then coordinate with you to organise delivery options for your wine. After that, it’s time to enjoy your wine!

Who are we?

The Hollington Wine Company was set up to offer an online gift list service, focused on great, enjoyable wines.

The idea came to us when we were organising the gift list for our own wedding: we had been living in the same house for a couple of years and had brought two houses together before that. We already had the usual household items that form a traditional gift list and we weren’t planning a big honeymoon.

Knowing that our friends and family would ask about gifts, we wanted to find something a bit different and, given how much we enjoy good wine we thought that a wine gift list would be perfect.

The wedding happened and more than a year on, we are still enjoying the wine generously given to mark the occasion: we often find ourselves sharing our friends’ gifts with them when they come to us for dinner.

Our ambition is to provide a personalised gift-list service, providing you with gifts that you can treasure and enjoy for years to come.