5 Top Tips for Creating a Wine Gift-List

The less organised of us will definitely have been there: you’ve got to a gift-list too late and have ended up having to get them vouchers, give them a loo brush (?!) or even, go “off list”.

You’re disappointed and are heading back to the drawing board. Maybe you can get them that blender they definitely don’t need, you muse…

This is all avoidable if the gift-list owner is sensitive to the different situations facing their potential “gifters”. Here are my five top tips to creating a wine gift list that gives your benefactors enough to work with:

  1. Think about the likely number of people who may want to give gifts and ensure that you have enough wine selected to allow them to a choice
  2. Make sure you select wines from across a wide price range: there may be people who can only afford to buy a modest gift and there may also be people who will want to be more generous
  3. Include wines that you consider to be something a bit special: some people may want to mark the occasion with something a bit different/ luxurious, so why not help that happen
  4. Don’t forget to personalise the list with your own introductory message: along with the unique website link, that’s how people will know it’s your list
  5. Take the opportunity to experiment with wines you might not usually try: you’ll find that a wine gift-list is a gift that you will enjoy and treasure in the years to come
5 Top Tips for Creating a Wine Gift-List