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Create wine gift lists unique to you. We help you get the wine and spirit gifts you want, with each gift carefully labelled so that every time you enjoy a bottle of wine or a drink, you can salute the generosity of your friends and family or even share it with them!

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Three easy steps to create your
bespoke wine gift-list

Step 1

Select your wines

You can set up your list straight away and add the wines you want from our online catalogue. If you have anything special you are after (that isn't listed), please get in touch. You can review and refine the wine included at any time.

Step 2

Share your list

Personalise the introduction to your unique gift-list page and, once you're happy with it, grab the unique web link for your page. You can share this with people who are interested in buying you a gift – they will be able to explore your selection and buy the gift that they know that you will enjoy.

Step 3

Receive your gifts

Once the gift-list is closed, we attach gift-tags to each bottle to identify who bought it and any message they have for you. After that we will organise to deliver the wine at your convenience.

Create your list

Time for a drink!

We have always enjoyed wine – and, no, not just drinking it: from the ceremony of opening a bottle of something you’ve been saving, sharing it with other people, to discussing a favourite wine.

The Hollington Wine Company has been founded with the aim of personalising the wine gift-list experience, giving people an alternative to the traditional gift-list and helping people to receive gifts they are certain to enjoy.

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Frequently asked questions:


What is a gift list?

Gift lists are an important innovation in the world of gift-giving. A gift list is a tool that you can use to make sure that two of your contacts don’t buy you duplicate presents or, even worse, something that you don’t want at all!

So how does it work? You create your online gift list which is then shared amongst your event attendees, friends and family. Everyone can see the gifts you would like and whether they’ve been bought already, eliminating all the usual pesky admin issues. 


Why use a gift list service?

Things have changed in the world of gift-giving. It’s not as easy as it once was. Take wedding gifts, for example. In the past, couples didn’t usually live together before they married. Following the wedding, they would move into a new home and need to buy practically everything from scratch, right down to the kitchen sink. 

Now, though, with couples living together before tying the knot, that’s all changed. Your friends and family can’t just buy an item, assuming that you don’t already have it. The chances are that you already own a blender, duvet sets and most of the paraphernalia required for a comfortable life. 

More often than not, you’ll receive something that you didn’t really want. Gift list services help avoid disappointment and take the stress of choice away from the gift-giving process. 

Our wine gift lists operate on a similar principle. They’re an opportunity to share your love of wine with those around you and a great way to connect with guests on a deeper level. Wine lists give you wines that you can treasure for years to come. Each wine from each guest can be unique, have its history and character, and tell a story, allowing you to create memories that last.


Why create your wine gift list with the Hollington Wine Company?

There are several reasons to choose Hollington Wine Company as your wine gift service. 

Firstly, we’re passionate about wine and want to share that passion with other wine lovers, either for a special event such as a wedding or a milestone birthday. 

Second, if you can’t find the wine you want, we’ll try to source it for you. We work as part of a broad network of suppliers and should be able to find many of the wines on your wishlist. 

Third, we personalise all wine gifts with a gift tag around the bottleneck, detailing who bought it and any included messages. This lets you track who sent you what, letting you personalise your thank you messages and know who’s gift you’re drinking when the time comes. 

Fourth, with the Hollington Wine Company, your wine gift list is super easy to set up, organise and share with friends and family. Just log onto to your account and change wines and quantities as you see fit. If you’re not sure how to create your wine list, we can help. We can guide you on which wines to choose, adding insights based on your tastes and interests. 

Finally, there’s no minimum order. So start creating your perfect wine gift list with the Hollington Wine Company today.