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Create wine gift lists unique to you. We help you get the wine and spirit gifts you want, with each gift carefully labelled so that every time you enjoy a bottle of wine or a drink, you can salute the generosity of your friends and family or even share it with them!

Create your list

Three easy steps to create your
bespoke wine gift-list

Step 1

Select your wines

Select wine (or spirits) for your gift list from our carefully-crafted catalogue. Choose from a broad range of wine styles and tastes and generate your list.

Step 2

Share your list

When you complete your list, a unique weblink will be generated. You can then share this with people who are interested in buying you a gift – they will be able to explore your selection and buy the gift that they know that you will enjoy.

Step 3

Receive your gifts

Once the gift-list is closed, we attach gift-tags to each bottle to identify who bought it and any message they have for you. After that we will organise to deliver the wine at your convenience.

Create your list

Take your pick

We work with a broad selection of partners to bring you great wines and spirits that span different wine styles, tastes and budgets. There should be something for everyone and we’re more than happy to help you with your selection.

Create your list

Time for a drink!

We have always enjoyed wine – and, no, not just drinking it: from the ceremony of opening a bottle of something you’ve been saving, sharing it with other people, to discussing a favourite wine.

The Hollington Wine Company has been founded with the aim of personalising the wine gift-list experience, giving people an alternative to the traditional gift-list and helping people to receive gifts they are certain to enjoy.